Long before the dawn of time, there were titans, so strong and powerful that they could easily beat down the gods - Saradomin, Zaros, Armadyl and Bandos. But the gods were tiring of this endless reign of torment and torture enforced upon them, so they created a sword so powerful that i could strike each and every titan down. Bandos created, using his great hammers, the blade of the sword. Zaros placed a curse on the blade making anyone who fought against it physically weaker. Saradomin blessed it and Armadyl made it impossibly light for all who wielded it. The four gods then took the great sword to the Titans. They striked all the Titans down except for the King. So for this final battle Saradomin took the sword and stabbed it hilt-deep into the heart of King, yet he would still not die, so using the energy he had embedded into the sword, shattered it, unleashing all the energy that had been held in the sword, and by doing that ripped the King Titan apart. This is what Attrition is founded on, the belief that there is a sword that can kill the Titans, the superiors of the Gods and that we must find it.

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